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Speed Racing Pro 2

Speed Racing Pro 220 votes. 4.45 / 5

Speed Racing Pro 2 will be the sequel to the very first game in this racing series developed by Madalin Games. When you start the sport, you’ll be amazed because it immediately lets you decide on between 12 fast in addition to luxurious super cars regarding free without having to be able to pay or complete tasks to get some of them.


Following you choose your very car, you’ll enter typically the circuits. The game provides 3 race modes that you ought to choose:

  • Time attack: Inside this mode, you contest alone and try to be able to reach the finish range as fast as you may because there is a new timer.
  • Race: This function is similar to Moment Attack but now youre racing against other CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT racers. You can alter the cars’ class, typically the number of opponents in addition to laps in this function.
  • Elimination: This type of function has 2 sub-modes such as Every Lap Eradication in addition to Timed Elimination. An individual could adapt the cars’ school plus the amount of oppositions within this mode.


The online game provides you up to be able to 12 camera angles which often is convenient for noticing the speedway. There usually are a total of 6th contest tracks that you can decide on and each track may have many tight transforms that will require you to specifically execute unless you want to be able to ending up hitting a new wall and tumbling about the track.


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How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use V to change camera.
  • Use B to open rear view mirror.
  • Use space to handbrake.
  • Use Pgup/Pgdown to shift gear.
  • Use M to go to Menu.
  • Use O to go to Option.
  • Use Ctrl + Alt + X to restart game.


Tips and Tricks

You can pause/resume/restart on the game screen.

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